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The poetry in Human Men is a confessional response to toxic masculinity throughout the author's life as he navigates hook up culture, dating apps and relationships. It is the authors first poetry collection.


Raw, unflinching, and serving up vulnerability on a platter, Glazzard's writing will take the reader on a journey they didn't know they needed. Stories like these must be told.’ 


Monika Radojevic, Author


'He deals with the feeling of differentness in a way that makes his story feel universal and's moving, sensual and unique' 


- Ollie Charles, Editor of Untitled: Voices

Illustration by Caitlin McLoughlin

Book design and cover by Caitlin McLoughlin

Edited by Daunish Negargar 

Early development supported by Arts Council England and the National Lottery

Human Men is also available to purchase at the following bookshops:

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